We went a bit under the radar to soft release our first album! You can check it out via the link. Special thanks to Benjamin Ridley, Mathew Kennedy, Crowe Effects, our family, friends and fans.



Crystal Garden w/Boyd Tinsley

We went to Syracuse on Monday to Open for Crystal Garden ft. Boyd Tinsley at Funk n’ Waffles… We got to hang with the man himself, meet Crystal garden, a couple members of Sophistafunk and get down for a sold out show. 17492512_10211447033845528_4383385326626667187_o


If effects pedals suite your fancy, we encourage you to head on over to We have begun working with Tim to figure out how to expand our sound. With an awesome variety, and brick solid pedals we couldn’t be happier being endorsed by such an awesome company.  12512288_684225631680203_6693218761773338554_n

Updated Events!

With the wild summer we’ve been having, keeping up on keeping you up to date is not always easy! As of today, the event’s on our page have been updated with of course more to be announced! Share with your friends, associates, family, and enemies, we’ll see you all on the road.

Interview with the Ithaca Times!

We had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Ithaca Times.

You can check out the full article at ( But here is the introduction.

Conjuring the kind of image-behind-the-veil kaleidoscopic trance of America’s first wave of psychedelic rock bands, Hammondsport’s retro-hued St. Vith, forge the acid tones and bluesy stillness of yesteryear, happily searching the universe for that sacred ether of the mystical sixties. With numbers that run vibrant and loose, echoing a belief in a time, a place, and a destination, they lull you into a haze of jazzy tranquility, happily extending original compositions, Grateful Dead covers, and beatnik dreamscapes…” – Christopher J. Harrington (Ithaca Times)