Conjuring the kind of image-behind-the-veil kaleidoscopic trance of America’s first wave of psychedelic rock bands, Hammondsport’s retro-hued St. Vith, forge the acid tones and bluesy stillness of yesteryear, happily searching the universe for that sacred ether of the mystical sixties. With numbers that run vibrant and loose, echoing a belief in a time, a place, and a destination, they lull you into a haze of jazzy tranquility, happily extending original compositions, Grateful Dead covers, and beatnik dreamscapes…” – Christopher J. Harrington (Ithaca Times)

If you’d like to know the story of where we got our name, please inquire. We’d be happy to share…

“Busy, busy, busy…” (Kurt Vonnegut, Cat’s Cradle) Simply how it goes.

If you’d like to meet the band.

This is Alexander “Danger” Devereaux, our master rhythmic engineer, and Pokemon enthusiast.

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Our musical architect, songwriter, keyboard, bass and vox is Mr. Jordan Seager.

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Singer/Songwriter, frontman and guitar is Oliver Burdo

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